Monday, September 28, 2009

Get Me An Application

you've heard of the show 'dirtiest jobs' right? it's on cable somewhere. i've never seen it, but i'd like to apply to be on the show. i do believe motherhood would easily qualify.

i won't go into details, but i'm washing sheets, bathed Corinne, and my entire house (no i am not exaggerating) smells like poop. poor's not her fault. she had diarrhea before i was able to get her out of bed this morning. :(

we are headed to the store to by some clorox. i just can't decide how i want to use it first; to clean the house or for me to take a bath in. holy crap!

no, the UN-holiest of craps...EVER!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

daisy updates...

let's see...what's been going on that's kept me from blogging in so long?!?

Corinne turned 3...i thought i had planned something simple that turned out to be a heck-of-a-lot more work than i ever intended it to be but it was still fun. only was Aug. 1 and it was a swimming party. what's the problem you ask??? well...for the first time in a century (probably) it wasn't 100 degrees outside. it was 79. WHAT??? the kids swam and their lips turned blue, but they had fun freezing!

Basement Remodeling...what an exciting and trying time for us! we were able through the help of a very generous contractor to hire out the finishing of our basement. they have been at it for almost 7 weeks now and it's looking really good. only problem...children do not like to sleep with hammering, nail guns, saws, jackhammering concrete out, etc. so there has been much wailing and nashing of teeth, but it'll be worth it in the end. :)

"mommy!!!! those mans downstairs are hammering and i can't take my nap. they are bothering me." - corinne, almost daily - 2:30pm

Riley baby who won't eat is finally eating!!!! after months of attempts, visits to two specialists, and many calls with Megan Knowles (who is the best!) we finally have a baby who puts some (not lots of things, but some!) food into her mouth, chews, and swallows!!! i know what you're thinking...big friggin' deal, but it is! don't take it for granted mothers of good eaters!

Corinne in ballet class...the day all dance teachers can't wait for has come for me. my own child in ballet. dreams of grandeur and talent were never there since this is the same child who we could hardly get to walk at 19 months and still can hardly jump off the floor, but the antics one could expect with our little comedian never fail to entertain. she does her "shakin' booty dance" during barre exercises, and lets the teacher know when the other girls aren't doing something right. that kid in my class annoys the heck out of me! i's what i get. the hokey pokey has never been better than trying to watch a class of 3 and 4 year olds kick their leg and clap under it. :)

"ballet class is soooo politeful!" - corinne
"do you mean delightful?" - me
"oh yes...DE-lightful. ballet class is sooooo polite-delightful." - corinne

brad and me...still here, still together, still in love, still doing ministry, still teaching dance, still sane...well...mostly. :)