Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

While having an Easter conversation with Corinne this week we are going over the details of the story. She's telling most of the story herself and I'm just correcting if she gets something wrong. So here's how the end of it went:

Corinne: So he died for my sin.

Me: Yes he did. Wasn't that great of him to do that for us?

Corinne: Yeah, but now he's dead! :(

Me: does the end of the story go? What amazing thing happened?

Corinne: He rose.

Me: So, he's ALIVE!

Corinne: He is???

Me: YES!

Corinne: Can I see him? I want to go visit him now!

Me: Oh no...(realizing that all our previous conversations about dead and alive mean "gone" or "here living right now."

I did a very poor job of trying to explain how he really is alive, but he's in heaven. (Which to her means someone is dead.) Seriously...could it be any harder???? least in the end we decided on one thing. Jesus provided a way for us to be with God and that's great! Thank you Jesus!!!!! Happy Easter everyone!
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